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Our Houston facility is the manufacturing plant for all of our surface equipment. All products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in house. 


AMD2A Software Update


Universal Touch Panel AMD2A040/AMD2A050 (Touch Ver 2.14.01)(Software Hoist Ver 1.20.03)

** This update is a patch and is recommended for     ALL panels running 1.20.01 **

- Corrects 3K depth calculation errors

- Corrects set depth error when in 5K with BOTH     encoders selected.

- This version is compatible with Touch Ver 2.14 or     Greater

- Lower versions require a full update to the latest     software.

* ONLY Compatible with Winch Panels running Touch Ver 2.00 or later

* Software for both Acquisition and Touch must be the latest version to ensure proper function

* ONLY perform software updates in controlled enviroments

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