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Portable Workshop


BenchMark Wireline manufactures a highly flexible and portable, self-contained workshop. The workshop may also be configured as a toolhouse, testing laboratory, filtration room, formation test tool maintenance laboratory or in a variety of other arrangements.

Features and Benefits

BenchMark Wireline builds workshops in many different configurations and all are designed to fit into a basic 10, 20 or 40 foot container space. Normally, the unit has a double-opening door with a personnel door built into one of the double doors. A standard overhead crane to suit your operation can also be installed along with necessary work benches, tool racks and equipment storage.

The BenchMark Wireline workshops can be used in both offshore and onshore work location.

Truck mounted units have also been constructed.

Being self-contained, they can be fitted with heaters, coolers, generators, compressors etc.
They can accommodate a broad range of voltage supply including 110, 240, 380, 480 and 690.

BenchMark Wireline workshops are constructed to DNV standards.


- Suitable for safe areas and hazardous areas and with A0 or A60 ratings
- Workshop configurable to many purposes


- Self-sustaining for remote and temperature extreme locations
- Standardized size, secure and easily transportable


- Onsite formation tool servicing reduces tool cost
- Complete self-contained technology unit transportable to most work sites

Workshop configurations

• Laboratories

• Remote accommodation

• Remote workshops

• Electronic laboratories

• Electronic work stations

• Analyzer cabins

• Freezer unit cabins

• Office cabins

• ROV and diving control cabins

• Changing room cabins

• COSHH cabins

• Telecom cabins

• Drilling control cabins

• Mud logging cabins

• Radio shacks

• Temporary refuge

• Electrical cabins

• MWD cabins

• Recreation rooms

• Extreme environment rooms

• Arctic cabins

• Low temperate specialist

• Generator cabins

• Living cabins

• Sleeping cabins

• Environmental cabins

• Energy cabins

• Well services workshops

• Paint stores

Toolhouse Configurations

• Repair shops

• Rebuild tools

• Service cabins

• A60 cabins

• Local equipment rooms

• Metering rooms

• Filtration rooms

• Testing laboratories

• Drillers shack

• Remote control buildings

• Chemical injection equipment

• Environmental workstations

• Logging data acquisition units

• Storage boxes

• Formation test tool maintenance lab

• Shutdown control cabs

48 Fuller Road, Harleston Industrial Estate,
Harleston, Norfolk, UK,
IP20 9EA

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Phone: +44 (0)1379 854196
Fax: +44 (0)1379 855131

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