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Logging Masts


 90ft Logging Mast


BenchMark Wireline is a leading manufacturer of logging masts since 1981 and to date have manufactured over fifty 90ft masts alone. We offer both lightweight portable aluminium and heavy-duty steel lattice logging masts. The durable steel lattice masts have no out riggers and come in heights of 75, 90 and 110ft and can withstand wind speeds of up to 137mph. The lattice column design is much easier to repair than telescopic masts especially in remote locations. The masts have a positive locking pin arrangement which ensures the load is carried through the steel column and not through the hydraulic main piston. Another benefit is the variable stand-off from the front of the mast to the well centre. A top sheave hanging point rated for 10,150kgs is provided with 5,500 kg main winch along with two additional 2,900kgs winches and equipped with fail-safe, anti-freefall technology and hydraulic braking. The company also provides a lightweight 75-foot Heli-Portable steel fly-in mast.

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