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Technologies and Processes

At BenchMark Wireline Products, we strive to bring the most innovative technologies to the field. These technologies allow for safer operations, increased job efficiency, and more accurate information. Below are some of the new technologies and processes that we can offer your company.


Winch Panels


All of our winch panels offer a host of safety features at the finger tips of the operator. We offer a wide selection of alarms and shutdowns that increase safety and reduce the occurance of incidents in the well.

Features and Benefits

Our panels feature both warning alarms and operations shutdown. Alarms include over tension, differential tension, and surface alarms. Each of these alarms are accompanied by their automatic shutdown counterpart.

The alarms and shutdown are set to ensure the operator is working within user-defined safety requirements when the well is in operation or is being serviced. If the cable or job specifies tension should remain at 5000 lbs or less, set the alarm at 4000 lbs and the shutdown at 5000 lbs. The alarm will sound at 4000 lbs, and the winch will automatically shut down at 5000 lbs. This basic alarm/shutdown structure reduces the chance of incidents in the well.

This same alarm/shutdown structure is applied to differential alarm/shutdown.

The surface shutdown maintains the same structure but applies to the trip out of the well. If the operator sets the surface alarm to 100 ft and the surface shutdown to 10 ft, the auto sets the alarm and shutdown once the depth of more than 100 ft is achieved. As the cable comes out of the well the operator receives an alarm notification at 100 ft from the surface. At 10 ft from the surface the winch automatically shuts down to prevent pull off.

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Trucks and Skids


BenchMark Wireline Products bring safety and efficiency to both our truck and skid units. Increased communication between the winch panel and the wireline unit brings seamless control direct to the operator.

Features and Benefits

We bring new and innovative control systems direct to the wireline unit. These features include constant speed, constant tension, shutdowns, safety, and efficiency.
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We offer a wide range of products that meet the safety standards required around the world and comply with certifications such as: Zone 1, Zone 2, ATEX, C1D2, DNV 2.7.1, DNV 2.7.2, and IECEx.

Features and Benefits

The ability to meet these safety standards allows us to be in full compliance wherever required. Our mission is to provide companies with the latest technologies so they can compete in any environment.

We build wireline units that meet these safety standards. We also supply new technology to upgrade existing units to meet those standard. Contact us for any project requiring certification, and we will work to find a solution to meet those specific needs.


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