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Transport & Storage


Radioactive Stores

BenchMark Wireline excels in creating custom containers for the secure transport and storage of radioactive sources. Tailored to meet specific customer needs, these units are designed based on emission levels, source type, and storage volume. Ensuring safety and compliance, BenchMark's containers adhere to DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN 12079 standards and accommodate materials such as Americium/Beryllium (Am/Be) and Cesium (Ce).
With years of experience, BenchMark Wireline employs comprehensive engineering and scientific resources to guarantee proper containment and shielding. These purpose-built Radioactive Stores units offer a range of customizable features, including separate source containers with shielding for neutron and gamma logging sources, as well as additional Ceradyne thermal neutron-shielding options.


Explosive Stores

BenchMark Wireline boasts extensive experience in manufacturing purpose-built explosive storage containers for both onshore and offshore environments. Adhering to DNV 2.7-1, BS EN 12079 standards, and U.K. HELA explosives regulations, BenchMark is an approved HSE (U.K. Health & Safety Executive) manufacturer, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. The containers feature separate compartments for shaped charges, prima cord, and detonators, with a 1-foot void between them for added security.
Available in various sizes and transportable designs, BenchMark's storage containers can be customized to meet client needs. For offshore applications, a jettison platform system is available to protect rigs from potential explosions. Offering a complete package, additional options include alarm systems, detonator boxes, internal storage, and approved locks. With over 20 years of experience, BenchMark Wireline guarantees timely delivery and products that exceed government-mandated standards.


Tool Racks

BenchMark Wireline specializes in manufacturing custom tool racks for both offshore and onshore wireline operations, tailored to each customer's specifications. These racks can accommodate various tool lengths and be configured as single or multi-level units. Featuring anti-vibration technology and shock pads, BenchMark's racks minimize tool damage during transport. The advanced ratchet strap system allows for efficient and secure tool tie-down, while corrosion-resistant hardware ensures durability. Built to DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079 standards, these tool racks protect valuable wireline tools and enhance overall equipment life.
BenchMark Wireline also offers trailer-mounted tool racks for seamless transportation between the shop and well site. Compatible with light-duty trucks, these flexible trailers are equipped with adjustable airbags and a compressor, ensuring exceptional tool protection on rough terrain. With a focus on meeting customer needs, BenchMark provides a range of wireline tool baskets and racks, including offshore racks, carry racks, and truck-mounted racks, among others.

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