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Transport & Storage


Radioactive Stores


BenchMark Wireline manufactures containers for the safe transport and storage of radioactive sources.

These are built specifically to meet customer requirements. Based on the prescribed emissions level and the type of source being used plus the volume of material needed to be stored, a custom solution will be provided.

Features and Benefits

The storage unit is designed from the inside out. Specific containment is determined and then the proper shielding is added to meet customer requirements. The completed unit can be fitted into a very rugged transport frame.

Acceptable materials include Americium/Beryllium (Am/Be) and Cesium (Ce). The store will easily accommodate calibration tools, emergency kits etc.

All Radiation Stores are manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN 12079 and can be fitted with various options such as acoustic beacons and buoys.

All BenchMark Wireline Radioactive Stores units are purpose-built for this function.


• BenchMark Wireline has years of experience designing and building radioactive stores units
• All units meet or exceed all industry safety standards
• Designed to meet most stringent security requirements
• Compliant with all aspects of Manual handling
• Main body and door-filled high grade shielding material


• Each unit is purpose-built for radioactive stores work
• Each unit is custom designed to meet owner’s requirements
• Separate source container with shielding for neutron and gamma logging sources
• Source container moves out on its own runners and crane-lifted to rig floor


• Full engineering and scientific resources are employed to assure that proper containment performance is met
• Additional Ceradyne thermal neutron-shielding


• Designed to meet all necessary emission controls and standards

• Designed to contain NCB-YB, GCS-R and CNB-AB

• Fire-retardant

• Water-resistant

• Acoustic beacon and buoys fitted for sea transport

• Storage for verifier & emergency kit

• Fitted with individual client specified G.P.S. locator

• Approved by NRPB and certified by DNV

• Constructed to DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079

• CE marked

• External high-grade pad locks 


Tool Racks


BenchMark Wireline manufactures custom tool racks for both offshore and onshore wireline operations. Tool racks are built to customer specification. They can be made to accommodate any length of tool and the rack can be either single or multi-level units.

Features and Benefits

A unique option to BenchMark Wireline racks is their anti-vibration technology. Shock pads are placed in the rack to minimize costly tool damage during transport.

Additionally, BenchMark Wireline racks feature an advanced strapping system. The ratchet strap system allow a single strap to tie down all the tools on the rack thus avoiding the need of wrapping a strap around each individual tool.

All hardware including the ratchets are either stainless steel or hot zinc sprayed and painted to minimize corrosion.

Tool racks are built to DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079 standards.

BenchMark Wireline’s trailer mounted tool rack offers significant advantages in tool transport between the shop and the well site. These lightweight flexible trailers can be pulled with light duty trucks using either bumper or fifth-wheel/goose-neck hitches.

The trailers are mounted with adjustable air bags controlled by a trailer-mounted compressor and do an extraordinary job of protecting tools from damage over rough terrain. The trailer is designed around the tool specifications and can have any number of axles or wheels.


• Tool Racks provide protection to very valuable wireline tools
• Anti-vibration technology helps eliminate vibration related tool damage
• The quick and easy ratcheted strap tie-down technology saves valuable time and helps
prevent hand injuries
• Tool transporter
• End gates to assist with loading


• For longer equipment life, metal parts are either stainless steel or zinc coated and
• Tool trailer is a flexible, simple and cost effective solution to tool transport
• Easily towed by light-duty trucks
• Wireline tool baskets
• Modular
• Offshore racks
• Carry racks
• Rollers end-mounted to help with loading where crane is not available


• Airbag-equipped trailers provide outstanding protection for tools
• Configured to meet customer needs 
• Downhole tool baskets
• Slick line baskets
• Shock loaded sonde racks
• Truck-mounted racks
• Airbag racks
• Cushioned tool racks

Tool Rack / Baskets

• DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079

• Various sizes of tool racks available

• Multiple tier units

• Airbag support system

• Ratchet strap restraint

• Shock mounted

• Security check chains

• Anti-vibration mounts

Trailer Mounted Tool Rack

• A trailer mounted tool rack with double axles, independent suspension and braking on all  wheels

• Built-in compressor for emergency use to ensure the air bag system maintains tool integrity

• Two trailers can be fitted into a standard ISO container


Explosive Stores


BenchMark Wireline has years of experience manufacturing purpose-built explosive storage containers that are suitable for both onshore and offshore environments.

Our storage containers are DNV certified and conform to DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN 12079 standards. Additionally, we are an approved HSE (U.K. Health & Safety Executive) manufacturer and adhere to U.K. HELA explosives regulations. HELA regulations specify details such as metal thickness, hinge strength, plate hardening to prevent locks being drilled and wood lining in storage compartments. BenchMark Wireline has additional standards for corrosion protection.

The containers have separate compartments for shaped charges, and prima cord and detonators. The compartments have a 1-foot void separating them.

These storage containers can be built in a variety of sizes. They are also transportable.
A jettison platform for off-shore applications is also available.


• 20+ years of experience – customer expectation of consistently produced high quality product
• BenchMark Wireline maintains regulatory certification therefore no delivery delays waiting for permits
• Built to standards above government mandated levels 


• Customized design to meet client needs


• Jettison platform system protects offshore rigs from potential explosion
• Complete package - options available
- alarm systems
- detonator boxes
- internal storage
- approved locks


Fabricated to meet all statutory UK HELA (Health and Safety Executive Local Authority

Enforcement Liaison Committee) regulations.

• Front-loading main compartment with its own security system

• Separate detonator compartment – 1-foot void between with its own security system

• All compartments wood-lined in accordance with regulations

• Approved ventilation

• Container type locking system fitted to both doors

• Approved high security mortise locks fitted as standard, additional pad locks are optional

• Fork truck pockets

• Earth Boss

• Anchor points hidden under wooden floor

• Shot-blasted, hot zinc-sprayed, and painted with 3-coat paint system

• Paint colour of clients choice

• 1,000 kg / 1 ton storage capacity

• Container size built to customer specifications

• Supplied with 4-point lifting sling

• Weather-proofed with door seals and drip rails

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