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Small Depth Panels


This backup depth panel is capable of measuring all the lines our main depth panels run allowing the operation to have completely redundant depth. We recommend that this unit is used in conjunction with all winch operator panels.


When depth is the main goal, this simple depth and speed panel is a perfect fit. This unit is capable of running all line sizes as well as recording data direct to an SD card.


This Drum Counter panel is the highest level of redundancy for all logging applications. This panel is a substitute for the ALS6A100 for backup depth, but also includes a counter for drum revolutions, adding a 3rd completely independent measurement.

Small Tension Panels

ALS8A Series

Our small tension panels come in 3 varieties to fit any application. We offer a 2mV/V passive, 0 - 1.5VDC differential, and 4 - 20 mA current loop compatible unit. Select the spec sheet below.


Surface Pressure

Our surface pressure system is used to measure up to 2 pressures at the well head or any other location. The unit has a built in barrier allow safe pressure management. 


The BenchMark Wireline wired intercom system allows for 2 way communication from the cabin of your unit to any place on the well site. This system utilizes a passive noise cancellation system that allows the unit to work in high noise environments.


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