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Compensating Sheave

The BenchMark Wireline compensating sheave is a heavy-duty wireline cable-handling device that is part of the wave motion compensating system used on offshore rigs and platforms.

Wave motion experienced on offshore platforms requires specialized systems designed to compensate for the movement. The compensating sheave handles the connection
between the deck and the marine riser. The wire/cable to which the logging tools are attached are also connected to the compensating sheave.

BenchMark Wireline compensating sheaves are purpose-built to match a platform’s wave motion compensator. The large cross tee is designed to fit inside a platform’s compensator block.
The swivel block rotates a full 360°. A locking pin safely holds the block in a stationary position to allow entry of 25mm wire rope.

During design every aspect is carefully considered to reduce weight and maximize the ease of handling the unit.

The compensating sheave is manufactured to comply with all pertinent regulations.

All compensating sheaves are fully tested before shipping.

Sheave Assembly

• SWL (Safe Workload) 17.92 tons

• SWL lower lug 9 tons

• SWL cat line lug 0.5 tons

• Sheave dimensions

• Length 4 ft 8 in

• Width 1 ft 8 in

• Depth 8 in

Shipping Box

Purpose-built shipping boxes are provided for BenchMark Wireline compensating sheaves. Boxes are heavy-duty steel construction that can be moved by fork trucks or lifted by crane. The shipping box is certified DNV 2.7-1.

Boxes have corrosion-resistant paint and hardware. These water-tight units have rubber seals and high security locks. Heavy-Duty wood frames are fabricated to hold the sheaves securely in place. The boxes are well-suited for both transport and storage.

Transit box details for sheave grooved for 15/32” or .472 slammer cable

• Length 2135 mm  

• Width 955 mm 

• Height 700 mm 

• Tare Weight 750 kg

• Gross Weight 1500 kg

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