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The Skid is an offshore skid mounted logging unit. It is for the conveyance of wireline tools in and out of the well. It is transportable, rugged and self contained.

The skid consists of these major components. A drum for spooling the wire, a hydraulic system to power the drum, a power source or prime mover to drive the hydraulics and an enclosed operator’s cab which houses the controls and the computer system for recording.

Features and Benefits

BenchMark Wireline’s skid mounted logging units are built to customer specifications. The function normally found on a land based logging truck are replicated in this offshore skid unit. These units are self contained except for electric power which is supplied by the rig. They can be stored, transported and operated as a single self-contained unit.

The skids are very ruggedly built and are DNV 2-7.1 certified. Great attention to build detail is evident. Due to the harshness of the marine operating environment, all exposed surfaces use either stainless steel hardware or have multiple coats of high quality paint over hot zinc spray.

The diesel prime mover provides power to the hydraulic controls. Because the winch is hydraulically controlled, it can be operated at a slow constant speed when necessary. The diesel power pack is also housed within the self-contained skid unit.

The operator cab provides winch controls, measurement equipment and ample space for rack mounted logging computers. It is climate controlled and provides safety features such a steel mesh protective barrier between the cab and the winch.

The skid can be lifted as a single unit or if necessary broken into 2 pieces, the unit and the drum, to accommodate lifting limitations on smaller rigs.

- Certified Rig Safe
- DNC Classifications
- ATEX Zone II
- CE Marking
- Class 1 Division 2
- Class 1 Division 1

- Extensive corrosion protection extends the operating life of the skid
- Rugged construction increases ROI, uptime, product life, and employee safety
- Totally self contained for more efficient operation and better utilization of near-hole rig space

- Electric and Diesel powerpacks available.
- Hydraulically powered winch provides steady continuous control even at very low speeds of 2 ft/min at 9,000 lbs tension


• Skid width 2.426 m or 7.959 ft

• Skid length 5.525 m or 18.126 ft 

• Skid height 2.932 m or 9.619 ft including A/C cover

• Skid gross weight 21.5 metric tonnes or 23.7 tons

• Skid is DNV 2-7.1 lift certified

• Fork truck pockets in frame

• Outer skin sheet or stainless steel

• Cab contains air conditioning, filtration and de-humidifier

• Winch operator position facing drum and logging panel operator facing computer rack

• Distribution panel includes voltage stabilizer and transformer plus 3 racks for computers/monitors

• Cab has 2 side opening doors .75 m or 2.46 ft, one on each side of the cab

• Roof mounted A/C units inside protective frame and covered by steel safety mesh

• Steel safety mesh between cab and winch protecting operator position

• A/C maintains internal temperature at +20°c with outside ambient of -20°c to +45°c

• Floor and kick boards anti-static covering

• Fits most standard size drums

• Max drum torque available 28,500 lbs ft.

• Fine speed control 2ft/min (9000 lbs tension)

• Roof mounted A/C units inside protective frame and covered by steel safety mesh

• Steel safety mesh between cab and winch protecting operator position

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