Quick Rig Units

Quick Rig Units

Custom Quick Rig truck manufacturing service for the oil and gas industry.

Our Quick Rigs are built for versatility whether Slickline or E-line. Each comes with the standard features of our other wireline units, except these are equipped with a crane of your choice. With the right crane mounted on your wireline truck you can avoid renting or leasing charges for an additional crane truck.

We are a custom manufacturer, so the options are endless. We can meet your storage and tool access needs, allowing you a quicker rig up: Saving you time, and money. Every truck we build is customized to the individual customer. 

Our staff is highly skilled, and willing to make your truck a quality unit. Every new truck we ship has a one year warranty. Whether it’s field service, over the phone assistance, or parts, we will back our product.


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