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Aluminum Masts


Logging Masts - Lightweight Aluminium


BenchMark Wireline is a market leader in the design and manufacture of Logging Masts. The company has been making logging masts since 1981. BenchMark Wireline manufactures both lightweight portable aluminum and heavy-duty steel lattice masts.

Features and Benefits

BenchMark Wireline offers both standard and custom logging masts. The load requirement determine the size and type of mast.

The lightweight tubular masts are designed to be portable and are normally used in off-shore operations. They are very strong for their size and are constructed of aluminum. They are offered in 28, 32 and 45-foot lengths.

The lightweight mast are normally fitted with a 1000 kg winch. The mast are hydraulically operated and have automatic locking pins for securing each section. The locking pins and scoping systems have fail-safe mechanisms built into the design. 


- Hydraulic brakes for maximum safety
- Certified for Zone 1 and 2 use
- Superior longevity, serviceability and repair


- Masts are both lightweight and strong
- Aluminum masts are corrosion resistant
- Can be mounted on trucks
- Are very portable and transportable
- Contain fail-safe anti-freefall technology
- Safety pins automatically extend and manually retract

Aluminum Tubular Masts

• Lightweight, portable, sturdy

• Truck mountable even on smaller vehicles

• Mast lengths from 28 to 45 feet

• Efficient electric or hydraulic power pack – Zone 1 and 2 approved

• One 1000 kg winch for excellent performance

• Depth and tension measuring devices available

• Light weight and portable

• Full training and support included

Safety Features

• Fail-safe anti-free fall technology

• Automatically extending, manually retracting locking pins

• Hydraulic braking

• DNV classifications

• ATEX Zone II

• CE Marking

• Class 1 Division 2

• Class 1 Zone 2

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